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You've probably noticed that if you have too many programs running on your Windows Mobile Smartphone it tends to slow down its operation.

Instead of having to remember to shut all your apps down manually, you could simply install AppCloser on your phone to do the job for you. I use the term 'simply install' very loosely, because in actual fact, setting up the program isn't particularly straightforward.

AppCloser doesn't have an executable installer as such, so you need to make sure you copy the file into the 'Program Files' folder using ActiveSync. Once you click on the icon it starts running but that's still not it, because you need to set the list of programs you want to auto-shutdown when they're running. There's no GUI for doing this though. Instead, you must add the names of the applications to the 'apps.txt' configuration file, which obviously leaves a certain amount of room for error.

Nevertheless, once you've got the program running and everything is set up AppCloser works effectively. You won't even notice it, but any apps on your list that are running when you return to the home screen will be shut off, leaving you with enough precious memory to play around with.

If you've got the patience to endure the tedious set-up process, AppCloser provides a reliable way of freeing up memory on your Smartphone.

AppCloser is a lightweight, free utility for Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones. Although designed for the HTC s620 and compatible phones, it should run on a variety of devices including Windows Mobile 6 phones.

Essentially, every time the user returns to the home screen, the utility closes all programs in a set list to help free up memory. It does this transparently to the user. AppCloser attempts to close an application and if it does not respond, it forcibly terminates it.

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